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RE: Drafter / Engineer Needed

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The reason that we ask that subscribers refrain from posting job offerings
and resumes from the list server is that SEAOC provides an alternative
forum - the job listings page on the website (

As to the truly irrelevant stuff, I feel that restricting it is a very
slippery slope - everyone agrees that spam should not be posted but anything
beyond that will be a gray area.

If irrelevant stuff ever starts to clog the list, then we will resolve it on
a case-by-case basis.

James Lord
URS Greiner
SEAOC CAC Chairman

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> From: Robert Grandmaison [mailto:robert(--nospam--at)]
> Sent: Tuesday, April 21, 1998 10:54 AM
> To: 'seaoc(--nospam--at)'
> Subject: RE: Drafter / Engineer Needed
> I don't get it.
> Why is it that someone can't send a job listing on the mailing
> list? If SEAOC were genuinely concerned about the traffic it
> might generate (although I think I've only seen about three or
> four listings all the while I've subscribed to this list- and
> yes, one of them was from me ;)) then why, for cryin out loud, is
> there so much "humor" stuff sent without so much as a request
> from the administrators to cease such truly irrelevant stuff?
> I'd much rather hear about a job offering somewhere than some of
> the other drivel that crosses this mailing list. Don't get me
> wrong, I am NOT a humorless person. I just think that the reason
> given for restricting job offerings is a red herring because they
> do NOT clog the mail list nearly as much as other, more useless
> and irrelevant things do.
> Thanks,
> Robert Grandmaison
> MKM & Associates- a company always eager to hire a good engineer
> or CAD operator!