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RE: Drafter / Engineer Needed

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I totally agree with you.  I think that from the standpoint of somebody who is looking for help or
somebody who may be looking for potential employment this list is absolutely appropriate
place for employment postings.  For a lot of people access to the internet is limited to e-mail,
and web site postings are not always at your fingertips.

I vote not to limit the subject of postings as long as it does state in the subject line what it is.

Sasha Itsekson

I don't get it.

Why is it that someone can't send a job listing on the mailing list? If =
SEAOC were genuinely concerned about the traffic it might generate =
(although I think I've only seen about three or four listings all the =
while I've subscribed to this list- and yes, one of them was from me ;)) =
then why, for cryin out loud, is there so much "humor" stuff sent =
without so much as a request from the administrators to cease such truly =
irrelevant stuff?

I'd much rather hear about a job offering somewhere than some of the =
other drivel that crosses this mailing list. Don't get me wrong, I am =
NOT a humorless person. I just think that the reason given for =
restricting job offerings is a red herring because they do NOT clog the =
mail list nearly as much as other, more useless and irrelevant things =

Robert Grandmaison
MKM & Associates- a company always eager to hire a good engineer or CAD =