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List Job Offers

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I don't believe anyone wants to discourage those looking for jobs from other
members of this list. The main advantage to using the list over the web is
that the word is distributed to almost 6,000 subscribers immediately. I
think this benefits the person searching for work more than the company
looking for an employee. There is not doubt that the web site offers a
useful service in this regard, but the distribution is not immediate nor is
it as far reaching. If one post on this list does not yield a job offer,
then I highly suggest following up with the SEAOC web site. It can't hurt to
use both as tools to find work.

There is another advantage to posting on this list. If we assume the person
searching is already a member of this list then we can expect that he has a
few more skills than those posting on the web alone. He may be more
interested in the activities of the professional community and is exhibiting
his desire to participate - not a bad plus if your considering hiring.
Personally I would - if I were hiring - choose someone with more computer
literacy and one who is interested in participating with their chosen

Therefore, I don't feel that it is at all wrong to post a request for work
on this list. Nor do I feel it is wrong to request any available member on
this list to help on a project or share work. Once the team is created or
the job is secure, take it off-line and away from the list.

Any comments?