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Re: List Job Offers

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Shafat wrote:

>I agree. However: 

>1. You can not penalize all subscribers simply because a very small
>percentage will benifit from it. 

>2. Many countries still charge their users per email.

>3. Job posting is still an income source for all chapters of SEAOC.

.4. Job Forum attracts traffic to our web site.

>5. Head hunters and employment agencies will love this list. They know how
>to use lists that allow FREE job postings.

>6. On an average, this list server sends 25 email a day. That is quite
>high! Anything we can do to cut the traffic and focus on the Structural
>Engineering issues would be appreciated by membership in large.

>7. Seeking employment and Help wanted ads are similar to advertising. The
>difference is, one is selling his service while the other is selling a
>product. Advertising has a cost and a place. I oppose to any advertising on
>this list server, including Help wanted ads.


Well said!

Bill Cain, SE
Albany, CA