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RE: List Job Offers

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I just wanted to wish you luck. For the rest, there are many students who
subscribe to this list. Structural Engineering professional organizations
are not as strong on campus as is A.I.A. SEAOC has program for students, but
these are few and far between.
ASCE is very strong on campuses, but don't represent the portion of our
professions that SEA or CASE does.
For this reason, we need to provide as much support on our list and web for
students who not only need to become active in our profession, but who need
work when they get out of school.
Many of you - no, actually the majority of the 6,000 list members are on
networks by government, large engineering firms and academia. You know what
positions are available to students and can have much to offer them. I
realize that most employers don't want their employees becoming active on
this list since they are being paid to work and not kibitz, however, many of
you have access to the Internet from the outside and can take a few moments
to help students who need to know who is hiring.
I urge you all to keep the job requests, whether from someone who needs work
or for someone who needs help, on this list. I also urge you to do more help
those entering out profession to feel welcome.

Dennis S. Wish PE

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I agree with Mr. Wish, coming from a person who is about to graduate in
June, let everyone advertise jobs on the list!  I've been to about 4
technical job fairs at my school this year and found a grand total of 2
out of about 100 that were structural engineering positions.  I found this
listserver to be very helpful in providing information related to learning
about the job market, specifically the structural engineering job market.
The listserver is an effective way of reaching a large audience, quickly.

David Taquino
...taking the EIT this Saturday, wish me luck...

On Tue, 21 Apr 1998, Dennis S. Wish wrote:

> I don't believe anyone wants to discourage those looking for jobs from
> members of this list. The main advantage to using the list over the web is
> that the word is distributed to almost 6,000 subscribers immediately. I
> think this benefits the person searching for work more than the company
> looking for an employee. There is not doubt that the web site offers a
> useful service in this regard, but the distribution is not immediate nor
> it as far reaching. If one post on this list does not yield a job offer,
> then I highly suggest following up with the SEAOC web site. It can't hurt
> use both as tools to find work.
> There is another advantage to posting on this list. If we assume the
> searching is already a member of this list then we can expect that he has
> few more skills than those posting on the web alone. He may be more
> interested in the activities of the professional community and is
> his desire to participate - not a bad plus if your considering hiring.
> Personally I would - if I were hiring - choose someone with more computer
> literacy and one who is interested in participating with their chosen
> profession.
> Therefore, I don't feel that it is at all wrong to post a request for work
> on this list. Nor do I feel it is wrong to request any available member on
> this list to help on a project or share work. Once the team is created or
> the job is secure, take it off-line and away from the list.
> Any comments?
> Dennis