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Re: List Job Offers

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I agree with Ernie.

In addition, people looking for work should *not* include their resume, 
although a *brief* description of their background, licenses, and experience 
should be in the post.  This should be like the cover letter one sends, or 
should send, with their resume --- it should be enough to pique the interest 
of a potential employer, but not enough to bore him/her.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Ernie Nativadad wrote:

. > Shafat,
. > 
. > I'm just interested in knowing what the members of this listserve think 
. > about this issue. I suggest that we conduct a survey on wether we should 
. > allow personal help wanted and services offered ads in the listserve as 
. > long as it has limited ad length and frequency of postings. 
. > 
. > Each member can:
. > 
. >  1) agree or vote yes(provided certain rules and limitations set by the
. > listserve administrator are followed), 
. > 
. >  2) disagree or vote no(absolutely no free ads), 
. > 
. >  3) abstain or undecided(haven't made up their mind yet or doesn't matter
. > either way is OK, or doesn't care, etc)
. > 
. > .A short comment may be included in the vote/response to survey.
. > 
. > Let's tally the results and see what the listserve thinks. Let's see how 
. > many will respond and what are the percentages of yes, no and abstain 
. > votes out of those who responded.
. > 
. > Those who don't respond are not counted! They either have no opinion, not
. > interested, not reading this topic, on vacation, etc.
. > 
. > BTW, this should only be a survey. The final decision to allow it or not
. > should be in the hands of the listserve administrator.
. > 
. > Ernie Natividad