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RE: Drafter / Engineer Needed

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I understand your position. I do not, however, have time during my day to scan through a resume webpage that, as the internet increases to clog, will take much more time that I can devote to it. I barely have enough time to retrieve my email and scan the headers for relevant information that I gleen for my use. It would be extrememely useful for me and the company I work for if those looking for work (and for them, those of us looking to hire) could immediately bring to our attention their searching. If such email put out there on the mailing list would just identify itself in the subject line, it would easily be removed from anyone's inbox with a killfile or just ignored. I suggest everyone preface their Job Search or Job Opportunity with some key words suggested by the listserv administrator and let those of us who already recieve lots of irrelevant mail that we have to sort out, decide whether or not it's useful information for us. Rules could be set in place to limit the size of the initial post. Something like...

 "Hey I'm looking/hiring for an engineering position in Northern California, contact me at "whatever@his/" for more information."

...would be enough for me...I'll contact them and at that point the real resumes/offers can be exchanged.

As for head hunters, etc,- I've belonged to several mail lists. Each could be a target for such agencies. I've NEVER seen any of them abused- probably because it wouldn't make much sense for an agency who's trying to make money  by finding jobs for people to allow those people to make direct connections with the companies that will be hiring them. Um...unless, of course, that's what SEAOC is intending to do ; )

Not all of us enjoy web browsing for resumes. Mailing lists are MUCH quicker.

Robert Grandmaison
MKM & Associates- A great Northern California Civil/Structural engineering firm looking to hire  great engineers and CAD operators.

BTW: I'm still waiting for some contact from you about those CAD standards...I'm still very interested in helping put something together for use in our trade/areas.

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Subject: 	RE: Drafter / Engineer Needed


The reason that we ask that subscribers refrain from posting job offerings
and resumes from the list server is that SEAOC provides an alternative
forum - the job listings page on the website (

As to the truly irrelevant stuff, I feel that restricting it is a very
slippery slope - everyone agrees that spam should not be posted but anything
beyond that will be a gray area.

If irrelevant stuff ever starts to clog the list, then we will resolve it on
a case-by-case basis.

James Lord
URS Greiner
SEAOC CAC Chairman

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> Subject: RE: Drafter / Engineer Needed
> I don't get it.
> Why is it that someone can't send a job listing on the mailing
> list? If SEAOC were genuinely concerned about the traffic it
> might generate (although I think I've only seen about three or
> four listings all the while I've subscribed to this list- and
> yes, one of them was from me ;)) then why, for cryin out loud, is
> there so much "humor" stuff sent without so much as a request
> from the administrators to cease such truly irrelevant stuff?
> I'd much rather hear about a job offering somewhere than some of
> the other drivel that crosses this mailing list. Don't get me
> wrong, I am NOT a humorless person. I just think that the reason
> given for restricting job offerings is a red herring because they
> do NOT clog the mail list nearly as much as other, more useless
> and irrelevant things do.
> Thanks,
> Robert Grandmaison
> MKM & Associates- a company always eager to hire a good engineer
> or CAD operator!