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RE: List Job Offers

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Shafat makes a very compelling argument. In all honesty, I did not consider
his arguments before taking my position. I tend to agree with him but would
like to entertain some other suggestions that might help protect students
and apprentices so that they can obtain the fastest response. Since the
arguments are against posting job availability, do we need to stop students
from posting help available on the list? These don't occur often and would
eliminate the head-hunters from abusing the list.
Any suggestions?

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Shafat wrote:

>I agree. However:

>1. You can not penalize all subscribers simply because a very small
>percentage will benifit from it.

>2. Many countries still charge their users per email.

>3. Job posting is still an income source for all chapters of SEAOC.

.4. Job Forum attracts traffic to our web site.

>5. Head hunters and employment agencies will love this list. They know how
>to use lists that allow FREE job postings.

>6. On an average, this list server sends 25 email a day. That is quite
>high! Anything we can do to cut the traffic and focus on the Structural
>Engineering issues would be appreciated by membership in large.

>7. Seeking employment and Help wanted ads are similar to advertising. The
>difference is, one is selling his service while the other is selling a
>product. Advertising has a cost and a place. I oppose to any advertising on
>this list server, including Help wanted ads.


Well said!

Bill Cain, SE
Albany, CA