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Re: AutoCAD: Copy to Word & more

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I think this copy and paste thing from Acad to Word is quite bothersome
for many of us who ran accross the same problems mentioned in all the
related posts and don't want to pay the $250 for the utility. Maybe we
should email AutoDesk so they could work out some solution for the next
version !

And since the Acad chapter was opened, I thought of another command that
used to be usefull to me in Version 12 and is not longer available (or
at least I can't find it) and that is the Copy Vectors command. While
having several Acad files opened at once, each showing for example
different floor levels, I used to copy and paste from one file to the
other very quickly and without having to load my directories with
blocks. To do that, I used to give all the drawings the same origin and
set the insertion point at the origin, using the "base" and "insbase"
commands, then copying and pasting would automatically be about the
origin, thus eliminating the need to select an insertion point. With
Acad14, I can't find anything similar !! 

So any help out there ??

Moni Serhal