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Re: AutoCAD: Capture screen to Word document

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Even if I had any friends that were Mac Heads, I wouldn't admit it :o)!
Going through a 3rd piece of software like Hijaak or McNeel's PlotPak would
take about 20 seconds instead of 5 minutes on a Mac. Besides, I'm on AutoCAD
R14. Can your chums read that file (heh, heh)?

This is just one of those things, as Roger Turk pointed out, was easier with
WordPerfect for DOS than it is for Windows using OLE. Amazingly, OLE doesn't
do a very good job of taking an AutoCAD file and inserting it into a Word
doc with the line weights, etc.

Thanks anyway,
Bill Allen

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Date: Wednesday, April 22, 1998 2:48 PM
Subject: Re: AutoCAD: Capture screen to Word document

>>I did a custom
>>install and I did not see any options for additional file filters. Maybe I
>>am missing something.
>I know it'll pain all you Windoze guys to hear about it, but if you have
>a friend with any Mac made in the last 5 years, you can e-mail the
>graphics file in just about any format and your friend can make it into
>anything else and e-mail it back. It's trivial enough (takes about 5
>minutes) so if you're good friends, you're not taking advantage.
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