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RE: COMP Woodworks

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One thing that would make Woodworks much more user friendly is for the
Council to realize that not all columns are wood and to include steel
columns into the design. This way you don't have to exit the program to
design the steel column independent and this would make Woodworks more

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Sent: Wednesday, April 22, 1998 9:54 PM
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Subject: COMP Woodworks

As you know it is by Canadian Wood Coucil. I have also  been using it since
1990. In the beginning was not very user friendly. However now as Thor  says
is quite useful specially for single application vs. concept modelling.

Casey Hemmatyar, P. Eng. (structural)

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At 02:50 PM 4/22/98 -0700, you wrote:
>Subject: COMP Woodworks
>>I am curious to find out if anyone out there has tried the new (Windows)
>>version of Woodworks. Comments and opinions would be appreciated.
>>Bill Allen
>I use the Canadian version from the Canadian Wood Council.  I find it good
for element design but have not used it much for concept work since you have
to know how to fool it into doing what you propose modelling.
>Thor Tandy P.Eng
>Victoria BC