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Re: AutoCAD: Capture screen to Word document

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>Even if I had any friends that were Mac Heads, I wouldn't admit it :o)!
Not many Wintel people do, until they need to do something impossible. 

>Besides, I'm on AutoCAD R14. Can your chums read that file (heh, heh)?
Depends on what you can furnish. I read DXF and IGES files all the time 
for everything from FEA input to redlining layouts. For plain ol pictures 
WMF works pretty good, my shareware translator does CGM and HPGL, among 
about a dozen others, even those cheezy looking BMP bitmaps. 'Course the 
question referred to putting stuff into WordPerfect, which can't read 
.dwg files, either, irrespective of platform.

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