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Re: AutoCAD: Copy to Word & more

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What I do for this workaround is to draw a temporary line as a reference
point (start point 0.0? or whatever). I then copy (control C) the items I
want to copy plus my temporary line and then paste (control V) into the
other drawing. Once I've pasted into the other drawing (the items are now a
block) I move the block to the desired location using the temporary line as
a guide. Once I have moved the items to the desired location, I then explode
and purge the block and erase the temporary line. This sounds more involved
than it actually is and I do this quite a bit very productively.

Bill Allen

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From: Sleiman Serhal <mony(--nospam--at)>
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Date: Thursday, April 23, 1998 3:00 AM
Subject: Re: AutoCAD: Copy to Word & more

>I think this copy and paste thing from Acad to Word is quite bothersome
>for many of us who ran accross the same problems mentioned in all the
>related posts and don't want to pay the $250 for the utility. Maybe we
>should email AutoDesk so they could work out some solution for the next
>version !
>And since the Acad chapter was opened, I thought of another command that
>used to be usefull to me in Version 12 and is not longer available (or
>at least I can't find it) and that is the Copy Vectors command. While
>having several Acad files opened at once, each showing for example
>different floor levels, I used to copy and paste from one file to the
>other very quickly and without having to load my directories with
>blocks. To do that, I used to give all the drawings the same origin and
>set the insertion point at the origin, using the "base" and "insbase"
>commands, then copying and pasting would automatically be about the
>origin, thus eliminating the need to select an insertion point. With
>Acad14, I can't find anything similar !!
>So any help out there ??
>Moni Serhal