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Re: Tilt-up alterations

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Jeff Smith wrote:

> I am looking at a 1980 tilt up building where the client wants to enlarge an
> existing 10' wide by 14' tall roll up door opening to about 16' wide. My
> first response, without any analysis is...not a good idea. In the mean time
> the architect is searching for the original structural plans. This
> enlargement occurs in one location along, say 200 feet of wall. Does anyone
> have any general thoughts about this type of alteration?

I have done these before.  You definitely need the original plans for panel
reinforcment and embedded connection details.  In-plain shear will need to be
checked as the weakened panel will result in more load panel to all the other
panels on that line.  The cut panel will probably not work out-of-plane either
and will need to be reinforced externally (on the inner face) with a steel
section (angle or tube) stiffener at one or both jambs.

Bob Bossi