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Re: ICBO Seminar for 1997 UBC Earthquake Regulations

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My response was to the discussion on what R factor to use for different element configurations and mixtures thereof.  Some postings were advocating flexible diaphragm assumptions, others using stiff diaphragm etc or some hybrid assumption.  I had just attended a seismic design seminar where John Pao P.Eng of Bogdonov Pao & Assoc of Vancouver  BC presented the results of analyses (single story box-type structures) he carried out taking into account the diaphragm stiffness and associated boundary conditions.  He found that a number of structure type-mixtures resulted in wall loads differing significantly from loads calculated by the simplistic tributary area or stiff diaphragm assumptions ie "engineering judgement".

Thor Tandy

>Thor, I think you pointed out (if we are on the same track) the same proof
>of diaphragm deflection that was visible in relatively stiff (500 plf).......

> the same line of shear.
>If you don't agree with me, please explain.
>Dennis Wish PE

>.......This an example of how we neglect the boundary effects of diaphragms.  At a
>recent seminar it was demonstrated that depending on all aspects..... >.....judgement" will check if the computer data is sensible or not.
>Thor Tandy
>Victoria BC
>>Regarding the use of Rw=3 on one wall line only where the cantilever column
>>occurs, I'll be carefull about this. We have to use our judgement.
>>Just my opinion.
>>Ernie Natividad