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RE: Tilt-Up Retrofit: Need some information

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Thanks for the response. Mike Cochran faxed me a copy of Division 95 late
last night (thanks again Mike). I ran into the same problem regarding
Reinforced Masonry. I did a repair to a RM building in Los Angeles and
questioned the city regarding the ledger connections. I found the same fault
that exists in Tilt-up. Since there was not ordinance at this time (I
believe they expect one to be coming in the next few years) the only thing I
could do was alert the owner and hope he does what is best to protect the
people who use the building. I notified the owner, finished the plans with
the retrofit and the  owner backed out of doing the work when he got the
bids. Go figure!
Lew Midlam suggested T&M which is the way for me to go. BTW, this is only
4,050 square feet of building - no larger. The details are the same
regardless of size and I'm best off charging hourly. I'm sure others can do
it cheaper - especially if they have done a few and have a sufficient detail
library for this. It's not worth it for me to compete in this area so I'll
bid it to where I can ensure profit and take my chances from there.
Thanks to everyone who offered advice. I really appreciate the help. If the
client does not accept my offer and any of you are available, please email
me privately and I'll recommend you to my client.

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Dennis -

As I understand it, the tilt-up retrofit ordinance (LA County Division 95)
requires anchorage of the walls to the diaphragm, as well as providing
continuity ties across the building and some special details at the
and any reentrant corners.  The ordinance does not require any checking of
existing walls for out-of-plane loads causing bending in the panels, or in-
plane loads causing shear and overturning.  I can probably find a copy of
ordinance to fax you if you send me your fax number.

Regarding older reinforced masonry buildings with wood roofs, we are
doing major t.i. work in 2 such buildings in LA County.  As such, I had a
conversation with an LA County building official regarding the retrofit
requirement for these types of buildings, and he said that no such
requirements exist.

Regarding fees for these projects - you have to look at the building to
determine how many different conditions you will have to detail.  Also,
existing drawings helps, too.  Be clear on your scope of work regarding as-
builts, plan submittal, etc.

Bruce Resnick, SE
Parker Resnick Str. Eng.