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Re: AutoCAD: Capture screen to Word document

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Yeah, I guess with either platform you really need to go through a 3rd piece
of software: from CAD to Graphics Program to Final Destination (Word doc or
whatever). McNeel's PlotPak claims to do this (for $250), Hijaak Pro Graphic
Suite also does this ($50-100, depending on the version).

It would be nice to do this in a reduced number of steps (albeit more steps
than OLE). With some help from Arvel Williams (our resident WordPerfect
guru), he was able to import a HPGL plot file I sent him directly into WP8.
I tried some re-configuring, but was never successful. I probably need a
patch. WP also claims to be able to import .dxf files as well.

I have always felt WP was superior to MS Word when dealing with graphics,
but I have been so out of touch with my WP skills and the software seems to
be really in a state of flux (SP3 was three weeks old before Corel yanked it
and announced that SP4 would be available in "a couple of weeks").

Maybe someday there will be an OLE/3 that does everything we need...

Bill Allen

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Date: Thursday, April 23, 1998 5:28 PM
Subject: Re: AutoCAD: Capture screen to Word document

>>Even if I had any friends that were Mac Heads, I wouldn't admit it :o)!
>Not many Wintel people do, until they need to do something impossible.
>>Besides, I'm on AutoCAD R14. Can your chums read that file (heh, heh)?
>Depends on what you can furnish. I read DXF and IGES files all the time
>for everything from FEA input to redlining layouts. For plain ol pictures
>WMF works pretty good, my shareware translator does CGM and HPGL, among
>about a dozen others, even those cheezy looking BMP bitmaps. 'Course the
>question referred to putting stuff into WordPerfect, which can't read
>.dwg files, either, irrespective of platform.
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