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RE: COMP Woodworks

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In this case we are not looking for a software to design other than wood
beams and walls. However, I have design many residences and in the larger
more elaborate homes I almost always have a condition that calls for a steel
column. Since the design does not consider lateral load, the column design
is very easy.
It would certainly make the product more desirable and should not compromise
it too much.
By the way, it was developed by the Canadian Wood Council in cooperation (I
believe) with the American Forest Products division of American Forest &
Paper Products. I think they have a lot invested in this program and I
personally would be happy to see it evolve into just what many of us want -
a program that will do virtually everything. They are finally on a good
Dennis Wish PE

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If we try to use woodworks for steel column, then we cannot call it
anymore. We have to call it steelworks. Similarly, we might have to find
someone who can also develop a software called concreteworks, masonryworks,

I think woodworks was developed by someone who is an expert or very
in wood design, and probably that is all they do or at least majority of
work is wood. I don't tnink these guys will try developing a program for
materials if it will not be a good one.

Those who sell software that can design using different materials may not be
as good as woodworks because there is just too many things to consider for
each different material, to make it really good.

My point is, it's hard to get an ideal single software that will do
we want, the way we want it. Unless, we hire a programer who is good in
computers, is an experienced engineer and pay him for a custom order
This is going to be expensive, will take a lot of your time,  and may take
time to finish. And the guy might just set up his own company after you have
trained and helped him develop a good program, and make more money for
just selling software.

Ernie Natividad