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RE: List Job Offers

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For a long time I have been advocating referencing our posts with simple
coded words such as Job, Conc, Wood, Humor etc. Many are doing this, but the
majority are not. I understand the concern not to complicate this list, but
how complicated is it to agree on a few words that would simplify the
retrieval side of the list. If your not interested in Jobs, simply filter it
out. The same for any other topic that comes in. How many times are we
inundated by Undeliverable Message Errors generated by the same company over
and over. I don't fault the company for having network problems, but it sure
causes me to take a reality check each time I get annoyed at receiving four
Error messages for each one of my posts.
If we can agree on a simplified Subject Code, we could make our lives
simpler rather than complicated and filter everything we do not wish to read
to our trash bins.
How about taking a survey on this issue - Ten to Twenty (approximately)
topic headings to help filter, sort and retrieve messages from our server.
Dennis Wish PE
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> Shafat,
> I'm just interested in knowing what the members of this listserve
> think about this issue. I suggest that we conduct a survey on wether
> we should allow personal help wanted and services offered ads in the
> listserve as long as it has limited ad length and frequency of
> postings.
> Each member can:
>  1) agree or vote yes(provided certain rules and limitations set by
>  the
> listserve administrator are followed),
>  2) disagree or vote no(absolutely no free ads),
>  3) abstain or undecided(haven't made up their mind yet or doesn't
>  matter
> either way is OK, or doesn't care, etc)
> .A short comment may be included in the vote/response to survey.
> Let's tally the results and see what the listserve thinks. Let's see
> how many will respond and what are the percentages of yes, no and
> abstain votes out of those who responded.
> Those who don't respond are not counted! They either have no
> opinion, not interested, not reading this topic, on vacation, etc.
> BTW, this should only be a survey. The final decision to allow it or
> not should be in the hands of the listserve administrator.
> Ernie Natividad
> P.S.  My vote is yes provided ads are placed personally by a
> listserve member, not more than 10 lines long, and not posted  more
> than once a week. It must be structural engineering related.
> No headhunters, employment agencies or spammers.
> A  principal or partner of an engineering firm who is a member of
> the listserve may post the ad personally for his firm but not his
> employment agency or his personnel department.
I agree that limited job postings should be allowed and have no
problem with the suggested limitations but would add that the
Subject contain either position wanted or job opening or something
similar. Why should this list be limited to technical issues. Do we
not discuss other business related issues such as insurance and how
to deal with contractors, architects, attorneys and building
officials? It if could assist the members of this list server and is
related to the business of structural engineering  it should be