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RE: One Question Survey

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I posted my vote on the web site, but since Shafats response, the simple
question on the web survey is not enough. My vote is based upon wanting Job
Seekers (as Bruce calls them) to have the freedom to post on the list. I
wish to exclude those whose job it is to place engineers (AKA head hunters).
I wish to include those firms that need people immediately.
Therefore, there needs to be a way to be selective on this issue. My vote is
based upon the importance to the Job Seeker above all problems associated
with the flood of advertisements for jobs by head hunters.
I appreciate SEAOC's needs to create income from Advertisers on the web and
the need for engineers to access the web to support advertisers - this is
important for all of our benefit since it derives income to support this
list and web server.
However, we have a humanitarian need that, at this point in my opinion,
outweighs the inconvenience that may arise from unsolicited job shops.
I vote to allow Employers and Seekers to post on the list.
Dennis Wish PE

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Shafat -

First, I will fill out the survey.

Now, since I started this whole mess, a couple of more thoughts on the job

1.  In addition to posting our ad on the list-serve, we also called SEAOSC
run the ad in the newsletter.  It will run, but not until the June issue.
Even though this is later than I want, I will pay for it, and run it anyway.

2.  By posting the note on the list-serve instead of, or in addition to, the
job search on the web page, I also reach engineers who may not be looking
a job, but may know of people that are.  Referrals have been a good source
job applicants  for us over the years, and this is a nice benefit to the

3.  I understand your point about free advertising, and it is well taken.  I
would be willing to pay some fee to place my "Help Wanted" ad on the list-
serve.  Though, I think Job Seekers should be able to post for free.

That's it for now.

Bruce Resnick, SE
Parker Resnick Str. Eng.