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Re: One Question Survey

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The survey question has got to be simple so it can be answered by a yes or a
no. If its got some restrictions or conditions like only for certain
individuals or only a short(how short?) or so often, etc.....then people will
tend to ask a lot of questions or clarifications or new conditions or
situations other than what was in the original survey question. This survey is
not a perfect one but it is a good start. 

This type of survey is very useful especially in our listserve where we often
discuss and disagree on certain topics and it would be a good way to resolve
our differences or be able to reach a compromise on a certain issues. This is
the first one and weare still learning how we can use it to our full

The following are my comments and suggestions for future surveys:

1. Make sure the question is not biased towards a particular side of the
issue. An exagerated example, the question "Would you want the listserve to
get clogged by allowing anybody place ads  or will you vote to keep it ads
free?" . We should discuss and agree or at least compromise on the wording of
the survey question before it is sent out. Or there should be a committee of
unbiased individuals who will help Shafat formulate the question.

2. Is there any way to guarantee that nobody is cheating (voting twice, using
false names, etc.)

3. The results of the survey and the decision to place ads or not in the
listserve affects the listserve members the most. In our present survey, can
anybody vote or only members of the listserve? I think only members of the
listserve should vote on this issue.

4. Before we start a survey on a certain issue, we should discuss pros and
cons first for a short time so everyone in the listserve can get other's point
of view and make a better judgement before voting. 

5. Let's proceed cautiously in this matter. The final decision on what to do
depends on the results of the survey and if not everybody agree that the
survey is fair and unbiased, then we might have more disagreement in our

Ernie Natividad