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Re: AutoCAD: Copy to Word & more

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Bill Allen, S.E. wrote:
> What I do for this workaround is to draw a temporary line as a reference
> point (start point 0.0? or whatever). I then copy (control C) the items I
> want to copy plus my temporary line and then paste (control V) into the
> other drawing. Once I've pasted into the other drawing (the items are now a
> block) I move the block to the desired location using the temporary line as
> a guide. Once I have moved the items to the desired location, I then explode
> and purge the block and erase the temporary line. This sounds more involved
> than it actually is and I do this quite a bit very productively.
> Regards,
> Bill Allen

OK this is one usefull way to work around it but it still involves more
steps than the two step Ctrl-C Ctrl-V that was available in Version 12
since you need to explode the inserted block and delete the line or put
that line in a layer to be usually freezed, plus u need to draw the
original line at a certain reference which may require zooming out, plus
it's often undesirable to explode the block so as not to have
overlapping lines..., plus u have to remember to delete the temp. line
before plotting, etc...
All these steps multiplied by 10 or 20 times a day can become
significant. If u had tried the method I described, I think u would have
had a better feel for its simplicity.
So I'm still hoping this option will become available again some day ;)

Thanking u for your response,
Moni Serhal