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General - Disaster Assistance

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My appologies if this is a duplicate post.  I provided the information a
couple of weeks ago, but some individuals I have talked with indicated they
did not see it.  So, I'll try again.

Since Loma Prieta, California has experienced 23 events which have led to
the provision of money to victims as either insurance pay-outs, loans, or
grants.  These numbers reflect only the money paid to private business and
home owners.  To include money paid to public entities, you could increase
the totals by 33% to 50% depending on the event.  I am still waiting for
insurance numbers for floods (from FEMA) and fires.  Hopefully, in a few
weeks I will have the complete package.  For earthquakes, the data is
complete and covers 5 events including Loma Prieta.

I am providing simply the summary of totals.  My data is broken down by
event and specific program providing the funds.  The totals are

   Event                  Federal           SBA            State
Insurance    Misc            Total
Earthquakes        $1,435,024,521     $4,735,378,800   $177,335,290
$13,492,573,227     $0               $19,840,311,838
Fire                             10,280,761          212,687,600
5,607,429                                     0
Flood                        121,142,075          394,746,900
16,821,835                                     0
Misc                           23,665,555          347,436,700
20,955,440                                   16,341,380       408,399,075
Total                 $1,590,112,912     $5,690,250,000    $220,719,994
$13,492,573,227   $16,341,380 $21,009,997,513

Hopefully, this table will not get too messed up in the delivery.  If you
would like copies of the excel spreadsheets which contain this information,
contact me privately at:
(626) 431-3461