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RE: Survey Results

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Maybe publishing partial results of the survey skews the final outcome-

We could survey all seaoc list subscribers to see what they think on the matter. :-)

Nick Arenson, P.E.

Now THAT makes sense. I don't honestly trust the outcome of the vote on the website for two reasons:

1. Such voting can easily be innaccurate and fraudulent (muliple votes from one person).
2. There is no way to determine if the people who are casting votes are the ones who will be directly effected by the outcome of it....those of us ONLY who subscribe to the list.

I think Nick has a great idea. Poll ONLY those users who subscribe to the list (and now don't go inlfating the list with email addresses of dead people who automatically vote NO or those with whom will certainly cast a NO vote for whatever reason and have no real connection to the list!).