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TILTUP - Bowed Tilt up Panels

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I looked at something similar several years ago, but the bow was in the order 
of 3 inches in a 30' high wall.  The building was (if I recall correctly) 
more than 10 years old and bowing occurred on non-bearing as well as bearing 
walls, therefore eccentric loading on the ledger was not the cause.

I finally attributed the bow to settling of the foundations with the tie to 
the infill floor slab strip causing the panel to bow outward.

I believe that analysis showed no structural problem and my recommendation 
was to monitor for further movement.

If you would like, I will go thru my files and get the actual particulars for 

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Stan Johnson wrote:

. > In tilt up construction, what is the most likely
. > cause for a bowed panel.  I visited a site
. > recently were a couple of the panels bow outward
. > by about 1".   The panels that are bowed are
. > relatively lightly loaded and shows no cracking
. > other obvious signs of distress.  I believe the
. > panels are 7.25" thick, with quite a bit of
. > reinforcing and are about 42' tall with the roof
. > attachment at about 38'.  The panels are at least
. > 6 months old.  I do not know when the bowing was
. > first noticed.