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Re: Autocad to Wordperfect

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Sorry Patrick, the WMF solution doesn't help at all. The main problem is
manually adjusting lineweights and colors. This was the beauty of being able
to import an HPGL plot file in that these characteristics can be adjusted
(and saved) in the plot file definition. McNeel's PlotPak supposedly does
this through a Windows MetaFile (after installing a virtual printer), but at
a price ($250).

BTW, just about anything can read a .wmf file. I just don't know what is the
difference between importing a *.wmf file and OLE.

Bill Allen

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Date: Friday, April 24, 1998 12:53 PM
Subject: Autocad to Wordperfect

>Dear All,
>This works for Autocad R13c3, Intellicad and Wordperfect 7.0
>Save file in CAD program
> * Autocad: use File > Export and pick Windows Metafile format and select
>entities              desired and save, line colors will almost need to
>be adjusted to print correctly)
> * Intellicad: use File > Export to File and see Autocad for remainder
>Open Wordperfect and select Graphics > Image and pick Window Metafile
>format and choose file.  Image will appear and adjust size as needed.  I
>don't remeber if Windows Metafile is part of expanded file format
>Hope this helps.