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RE: Autocad to Wordperfect

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> Sorry Patrick, the WMF solution doesn't help at all. The main problem is
> manually adjusting lineweights and colors. This was the beauty of
> being able
> to import an HPGL plot file in that these characteristics can be adjusted
> (and saved) in the plot file definition. McNeel's PlotPak supposedly does
> this through a Windows MetaFile (after installing a virtual
> printer), but at
> a price ($250).
> BTW, just about anything can read a .wmf file. I just don't know
> what is the
> difference between importing a *.wmf file and OLE.

The plotpack solution works very well and allows you to control both color
and weight.

Using OLE sticks the full Acad drawing into your word document.  You can
double click and edit the drawing in AutoCAD inside your word document.

WMF is a generic vector based format completely independent of Acad.  If you
imported the WMF back into Acad, you would have lost a lot of information
(layers, groups, etc...)

One thing you can do with WMF's is to document your spreadsheets. Draw your
details / diagrams cleanly in Acad, then import them as WMF's into a
spreadsheet.  Makes them look very good (when so desired).

James Lord
URS Greiner