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Re: Autocad to Wordperfect

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Add and set up a plotter in AutoCAD using the HPGL driver (NOT the HPGL/2
driver) and then plot to a file.

WP-8 can import that file directly (Insert | Graphic | From File).
You may need to have to install all of the converters off the WP-8
disk/CD-ROM to get the one that WP-8 uses for HPGL files.

Lew Midlam
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Date: Friday, April 24, 1998 4:26 PM
Subject: Re: Autocad to Wordperfect

>Sorry Patrick, the WMF solution doesn't help at all. The main problem is
>manually adjusting lineweights and colors. This was the beauty of being
>to import an HPGL plot file in that these characteristics can be adjusted
>(and saved) in the plot file definition. McNeel's PlotPak supposedly does
>this through a Windows MetaFile (after installing a virtual printer), but
>a price ($250).
>BTW, just about anything can read a .wmf file. I just don't know what is
>difference between importing a *.wmf file and OLE.
>Bill Allen
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>Date: Friday, April 24, 1998 12:53 PM
>Subject: Autocad to Wordperfect
>>Dear All,
>>This works for Autocad R13c3, Intellicad and Wordperfect 7.0
>>Save file in CAD program
>> * Autocad: use File > Export and pick Windows Metafile format and select
>>entities              desired and save, line colors will almost need to
>>be adjusted to print correctly)
>> * Intellicad: use File > Export to File and see Autocad for remainder
>>Open Wordperfect and select Graphics > Image and pick Window Metafile
>>format and choose file.  Image will appear and adjust size as needed.  I
>>don't remeber if Windows Metafile is part of expanded file format
>>Hope this helps.