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Re: bracing connections

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TheJorgies wrote:
> Therefore, when designing the bracing connections per Section 2212.6.3, do I
> need to design the connection for (3/8)*Rw times the minimum load ( i.e.,
> using C/Rw = 0.40) or times the calculated load ( i.e., using C/Rw = 0.24, in
> this case)? ...

I vote for applying the 3/8Rw to the higher of the
two force levels.  I tried to come up with a
reasoned explanation based upon my understanding
of the reasoning behind the 0.4 limit and the
3/8Rw factor, but it was impossible to follow. 
The basic idea is that the connection should have
a strength well above the brace design force to
try to avoid yucky failure mode (connection
fracture) in favor of a more tolerable failure
mode (brace yielding for instance).

Stan Johnson, P.E., Someone let me know if I need
to take my foot out of my mouth!