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Re: Brainteaser

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Amaloyan wrote:
> I believe the correct question is?:
> There are three light bulbs in the room and three switches in the
> basement and which switch controls which light bulb.
> The solution should be found without using any tools
> or special devices and no ones help with one trip to the basement.
> You can enter the room as many times as you wish.
> I will post the answer later.
> Ara Maloyan BTED

 It has basically the same solution as the first. 

 1. First turn on swith #1 for ten minutes.
 2. Turn off switch #1 and turn on switch #2.
 3. Run upstairs and look for the lighted bulb, that's for switch #2.
 4. Then feel the other two bulbs, whichever is warmer is for switch #1.