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Re: rebar stakes

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What is the overall dimension of the container?  Is the decomposed
granite exposed at ground surface?  If not, how deep is the soil
overburden? Is the overturning large enough to produce both tension in
some part of the foundation?

Without knowing the magnitude of loads at the foundation level, it may
be difficult to offer any definitive solution.  However, it seems to me
that the dowels need to be no deeper than, say, 2 feet into sound
granite ( I am sure that the granite is decomposed only for a short
depth from its top) and set in some epoxy grout. Assume that the lateral
load is equally shared by all the dowels, calculate bending moment and
consequent bending stress in the dowel at its interface with top of
sound granite.  Adjust the number of dowels so that the calculated
stress is less than allowable.

I prefer to use A36 or A50 quality steel for dowels, because it can be
welded to the skid.  It is not common to weld rebar.


Mark & Jessica Pemberton wrote:
> I have a client that needs engineering on the foundation system
> for a cargo container that will house a radio transmitter.  The
> problem is that he wants to set it on top of a decomposed granite
> bed which even without any net overturning moment will be
> able to resist the lateral sliding (what is the coefficient of friction
> between steel and decomposed granite any way?) So I'm proposing
> to have him drive #6 rebar dowels into soil and then attatch these to
> the container skid plates.  I can't seem to find any information on how
> to analyze a dowel driven into the ground for allowable lateral load.
> Just for the heck of it I tried the UBC non-constrained caisson equation
> to find a 35' embedment required... probably not applicable (hee hee)
> Mark Pemberton, P.E.