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RE: Re: One Question Survey

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Bill Cain wrote:

>[Bill Cain]  I second that!  Several posters have proposed complicated
>rules for participation.  Lets keep it simple.  It's working pretty well
>(particular thanks to Shafat for his light, steady hand on the controls!)
>and a lot of good information is available.  Splitting the list would cost
>us all more time and trouble.

Actually, for those of us who would want to subscribe to both proposed
lists (one for business matters and one for technical matters), you would
not notice anything different except that your replies and postings would
either go to one list or the other.  Everything else would look the same
and not cost any more time.  I only suggested this because it appears
that the list of subscribers is rapidly growing.  Pretty soon, we will not
have the time to sort through all the messages to find what is essential
for our business or technical concerns (especially on Mondays!), and
important information may be overlooked.  

Mike Davis, P.E.