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Re: Granite's Modulus of Elasticity

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seaoc(--nospam--at),Internet writes:
1.   Does any one know what is the Granite's Modulus of elasticity (roughly)
or where can I get it? (it is Sunday!)

2.   Question: Modulus of Elastisity and Young's Modulus is the same but
does "Modulus of Rupture" refer to the same property?


K. Hemmatyar, P. Eng. (structural)
Vancouver, B.C. 

Reference "SOIL MECHANICS" by Lambe and Whitman

Modulus of elasticity ranges from 10.6 to 12.5 x 10^6 psi

Modulus of rupture os a different property.  I can't find it in a text but if
you recall for concrete modulus of elasticity is 57,000*SQRT(f'c) and modulus
of rupture is 7.5*SQRT(f'c)


Richard Lewis, P.E.
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