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Re: Re: SLAB - Control Joints in Concrete Slab on Grade

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seaoc(--nospam--at),Internet writes:
Time for a dumb question.

So why use Fibermesh if it cannot/should not be used as a replacement for

Bill Allen

My opinion is to use Fibermesh type material in exterior type exposures where
it would be detrimental to have corroded WWF.  This might be exterior lightly
loaded paving, walks and topping material.  I would space the joints at about
the same spacing as unreinforced concrete, using the Fibermesh as extra
security.  I assume it is only of value for the first few days to help
control shrinkage cracks.  After that it is worthless.  The other place I
have used it is to replace WWF on 3" concrete decks poured on bar joists. 
The WWF usually is a pain and never gets placed right anyway.


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