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Re: SLAB - Control Joints in Concrete Slab on Grade

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Is it appropriate to use fiber mesh (I am assuming that this material is
the short, chopped glass admixture which I have seen) in walkways?  In
the installations which I have seen, ends of the chopped glass fibers
are exposed on the surface, detracting from the appearance, catching
debris, etc.

Richard Lewis wrote:
> seaoc(--nospam--at),Internet writes:
> Time for a dumb question.
> So why use Fibermesh if it cannot/should not be used as a replacement for
> WWF?
> Regards,
> Bill Allen
> My opinion is to use Fibermesh type material in exterior type exposures where
> it would be detrimental to have corroded WWF.  This might be exterior lightly
> loaded paving, walks and topping material.  I would space the joints at about
> the same spacing as unreinforced concrete, using the Fibermesh as extra
> security.  I assume it is only of value for the first few days to help
> control shrinkage cracks.  After that it is worthless.  The other place I
> have used it is to replace WWF on 3" concrete decks poured on bar joists.
> The WWF usually is a pain and never gets placed right anyway.
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