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Re: ICBO Fax on Demand

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     The  additional digit (The one digit) to the fax-on-demand system 
     prior to the area code is not needed. Please call (562) 699-4253 again 
     and leave your area code and phone number  without placing the digit.
     Let me know if that works for you.
     Sash Lulla
     IBC Occupancy . Image No. 10010

     IBC Structure      Image No. 10011
     Unofficial  IFC    Image No. 10012
     IBC Fire safety    Image No. 10013
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Subject: Fax on Demand??
Author:  MIME:sandyp(--nospam--at) at INTERNET
Date:    4/24/98 5:11 PM

I've tried to get the Structural info ;sent to 2 different fax machines 
thinking that something was wrong with the phone line.  The ICBO recording 
tells me that the information is on it's way, but it isn't being received. 
Sandy Pringle