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Re: Topic: History of Conventional Framing Needed

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     That is what I have heard too. When did the the "Minimum Property 
     Standards for One and Two Living Units" kick in ? 1945 ??
     Sash Lulla

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Subject: Topic: History of Conventional Framing Needed
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Date:    4/26/98 11:49 AM

The story for Conventional Wood Framing that I heard sets the creation of 
this section of the code to the end of World War II. The story originates 
around in Los Angeles - specifically the the Silver Lake area that saw the 
greatest rise of construction at the end of the war. The provisions were 
intended to meet the needs of new families and marriages of the soldiers 
returning from war - the Baby Boomers parents. The code was created to 
provide a prescriptive measure for a typical 900 square foot bungalow - 
relatively square and with a sloped roof with a pitch of 3:12 and greater.
Can anyone confirm this story or provide me with any other stories (or 
facts) that may have led to the creation of a prescriptive method? 
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