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Does anyone have an opinion on leveling plates?

Thanks in advance.

Jerry King, PE
Sverdrup Facilities, Inc.

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AISC Steel Design Guide Series (2nd Printing 1991) #1 has an Appendiz B
"Practical Aspects of Column Base Selection" by David T. Ricker

Best I recall, this info came from a seminar attended. 

He makes a good point in that the column baseplate itself may not be
flat due to the curling under weld temperatures, and in fact beam
flanges bearing on preset bearing plates may not be flat nor parallel.

He goes on to point out that the tested load capacity of columns with
gaps at splices show no marked load capacity reduction.

All that aside, our office prefers the use of leveling nuts.  This has
the advantage that curled base plates of plates slightly out of level.
The nuts can adjust the column to true plumb regardless of the condition
of the base plate.  The non-shrink grout is then packed in following
erection of the columns.

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