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RE: Looking for current Post-tensioning projects

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The leading supplier (by tonnage) of unbonded monostrand post-tensioning in
the western U.S. is
Dywidag Systems International. In addition to their greased and sheathed
single strand tendons, they are active in the multistrand post-tensioning
market and soil anchor market.  I'm sure they would be happy to inform you
of the names, locations and contractors for various projects they are

2154 South Street
Long Beach, CA 94550
(310) 531-6161
Monostrand Manager - Mr. Doug Schlegel


Brent Koch, P.E.

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Subject: Looking for current Post-tensioning projects

Hi there,

I am back, the Cal Poly student that does concrete reports.

I am looking for a project that involves post-tensioning or prestressing.  I
am taking a prestress class and I need to visit and observe a construction
site that has some prestressing in it.  The site visit will involve, video
taping the visit and possibly video taping the process of prestressing or
jacking of a post tensioned member.  I will be willing to drive anywhere in
california.  I would appreciate any help with this matter.  I need to do a
presentation next month about what I learned and observed.

Thanks in advance

Arce 98
Cal Poly SLO