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RE: Survey, final result (Corrected)

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My solution if in charge (scary thought, huh?) would be a simple one.
[john]  On a different subject I am currently reading a book called Forks in the Road, Impacting the World Around Us by Richard Weingardt.  Mr. Weingardt is a practicing structural engineer from Denver and past president of ACEC.  The book is about how we as engineers can get over our identity crisis in the country and start getting some of the recognition that we deserve.  He brings up many issues that are discussed on this list on a weekly basis.  So far his main focus, though, is to get engineers involved in politics and other leadership activities.  He points out that we get to solve the problems but not decide what problems to solve.  This is decided by politicians, bankers, developers, etc.

There are only 3 PE's in Congress.  One in Texas, one in Colorado (not Mr. Weingardt), and believe it or not, one in California.  He also notes that there are 10x more engineers in the world that lawyers.  In this country there are 2x more engineers, yet about 70% of the people in power are lawyers.

I have only gotten about 100 pages into the book, but so far it has been very informative and thought provoking.

John Jones, EIT
Pell City, AL