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Re: Survey, final result (Corrected)

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A few corrections:
First, I do not have a problem with "hellhounds on my tail". Most (all) of
my work is commercial. All of my existing clients carry E&O therefore, as a
consultant, I must carry E&O.

Second, I have carried E&O for about seven years now. If anything, I have
become less of a magnet to lawsuits since I have begun carrying insurance
than before I carried insurance. One reason for this is that my broker
continuously assists me in writing contracts to reduce my risk and to
clarify what I am liable for. In fact, I believe this is one of the
functions of a good E&O policy/broker. There are several companies and
programs out there that spend a lot of time and effort to educate their
clients on risk management. At least one company, DPIC, has a program where
the insured participates in an educational, risk-reduction program and gets
a break on premiums for successful completion. In general, my colleagues who
carry E&O are much more risk savvy than those who are not.

Third, I certainly do not agree that it would be the legal profession that
would benefit from my suggestion. There are already way too many attys
(especially in CA) and I am certain that they would rather go after a naive
defendant than an educated one.

The reason I suggested mandatory E&O is that it is not that easy (or cheap)
to get as compared to the other disciplines. This would be one step to
eliminate the casual structural engineering practitioner who does not invest
the time and effort to stay up to date and just decides to jump in when
their main target market is slow.

Bill Allen

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>Maybe if Bill dumps his insurance, he wouldn't have the "hellhounds on his
>tail" and he would be able to pocket more profit rather than establishing a
>trust fund for the insurance and legal piranhas families.
>Dennis Wish PE