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Re[2]: Nordic Preformance Based Code

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Nordic Region: Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Finland, Denmark, Estonia (future ??)

Dear Gudrun:

It is always nice to be the first and to represent the Nordic region view , 
welcome aboard. 

It is my understanding that the Swedes where first in the implementation of 
"performance-based code" starting in 199.

The Nordic Committee on Building Regulation (NKB) located in Helsinki is the 
administrative secretariat. I do not have e-mail address for the NKB or know 
what documents are available in the english language. 

I am reading the Final Report of CIB Task Group 11 Performance-Based Building 
Code, dated April 1997. The Nordic and New Zealand system are defined as a 
complete  "top-down" building structure in the world based on the task group 

Nordic 5 Level and New Zealand "Top-down" Structure are the following:

Nordic 5 Level

Functional Requirements
Operational Requirements
Verification Methods
Acceptable Solution

New Zealand
Functional Requirements
Technical Solution
Alternative Approaches 
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Subject: Re: Nordic Preformance Based Code 
Author:  MIME:gudrun(--nospam--at) at INTERNET
Date:    4/30/98 5:00 AM

At 11:01 29.4.1998 -0800, you wrote:
>     Has anyone looked into the Nordic Building Code model for in-depth 
>     understanding as a performance code model ?
>     Do we have any Nordic Engineers participation on this site ? 
>     Sash Lulla 
Yes, there is a least one Nordic engineer (from Iceland).  Time to step out 
of the shadows, I guess.
I have not heard of any Nordic Building Code. Where did you hear about 
that? Presently, each Nordic country has its own and as far as I know that 
is not going to change.  Some are more performance-based than others,  I 
think the Swedes have taken that further than the other countries, at least in
fire protection.
Gudrun Olafsdottir
Reykjavik, Iceland