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Re: Survey, final result (Corrected)

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My point was not a CE doing structural engineering vs. SE. As you are aware,
the field of Civil Engineering is very broad. In fact, few who graduate with
a BSCE specialize in structural engineering. I just feel that those CEs (and
Arch) who do decide to practice structural engineering (especially in
seismic zone 4) to any degree should demonstrate that they can design and
detail a lateral load path from the roof to foundation. This requirement
would not impact most of those on this listserv and I'm sure that most who
read my example test problem would have no difficulty with it. The ones I am
concerned about are those who do not practice structural engineering on a
full time basis or those who want to pick up some extra work outside their
area of expertise.

I would suggest that, immediately after passing your CE, if you took the
sample problem I proposed, you would have no difficulty in passing it. I
know this because I recall interviewing you several years ago and I know
first hand that you would have had no difficulty with that exam, therefore
you would not have been relegated to designing sewers at all.

Regarding your "six months after graduation..." example, I know that you did
this quite a while back when codes were simpler and litigation was less
prevalent. I certainly would be concerned about this kind of practice today.

Bill Allen

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Date: Thursday, April 30, 1998 8:12 AM
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>I do not think you are correct in your assumptions of CEs. I did not get my
>SE for 8 to 10 years after collage as it was not required. Should I have
>been restricted to design only sewers for this time. I could design a sewer
>but I sure would not make any money at it. My guess is that 70% or more of
>the engineering work is in one or two story residential or commercial
>buildings. Six months after graduation I was designing this type of
>with minimal checking by the owner. When I got my CE license I checked and
>signed work for others who had not taken the CE test yet. The University I
>attend did not have a BS in Structural Engineering only Civil Engineering.
>We all took the same classes. We all took strength of materials and static
>along with the basic material design classes. Do not get to high and mighty
>about your SE it is only a title not a license to practice.
>Acie Chance
>CE first then SE