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Re: Survey, final result (Corrected)

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Dennis, too many words!
See my response peppered in with yours (if you can find it-beginning with
[Bill Allen]

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From: Dennis S. Wish <wish(--nospam--at)>
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Date: Thursday, April 30, 1998 11:23 AM
Subject: RE: Survey, final result (Corrected)

>Bill, E&O coverage is a business. As any business, the broker or salesman
>(for that's what he is) is less interested in selling a policy to an
>engineer who bills less than $100,000.00 a year than one who bills
>$1,000,000.00. For this reason DPIC, ASCE and the other (who I can't
>remember at this time) have refused to return my calls (and those of others
>I have discussed this with). Therefore, you suggest that only those
>engineers who have larger practices with billings over a certain dollar
>amount be allowed to practice. You are essentially leaving the decision to
>license engineers to the insurance salesmen.

[Bill Allen]
Well, my broker would probably return your call. If you want her name, let
me know. I have never been "big time" but she has always treated me as if I
were important to her. BTW, your inferences of "you suggest.." is offensive.
I say exactly what I mean. If you want to read something else into it,
that's your problem.

>I called each of these companies when a client out here demanded the
>insurance. I needed to obtain coverage within a month or two. I have had no
>suits (I was dropped from any I was a cross-complainant in over twelve
>years) in my years of practice and no complaints against me. I called each
>company representative more than 3 times urging them to return my call. I
>left my address as well in order to receive an application. None responded.
>I am not unique here - others report the same treatment. Possibly, my
>mistake was telling them in the message that I was a one man office with
>less than $75,000.00 in contracts per year. With E&O and the client I might
>have had, this figure could rise sufficiently. Therefore, some could
>that my practice was stinted not on ability but by non-professional
>insurance brokers who refused my business.
>No way you can convince me that you the engineering practice should
>anyone from practicing without E&O Coverage. This is especially true since
>your original message did not imply protection, but a scheme to raise fee's
>to keep everyone at a competitive level. This is simple enough. I'll be
>to charge what you do - in fact I believe from our past conversations that
>charge more than you but less than others in my area and don't carry E&O.

[Bill Allen]
My goal of the E&O requirement is to eliminate "part timers" since
"Structural Engineering" is a costly line item of practice. No hidden agenda

Not that it matters, but if your billings are less than $75k per year, then
you don't charge what I do. My worst year in 11 was $80k. High was $300k.

Again, please stick with what you know.

Bill Allen