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RE: Survey, final result (Corrected)

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Bill Allen responded:
BTW, your inferences of "you suggest.." is offensive.
I say exactly what I mean. If you want to read something else into it,
that's your problem.

Dennis> Your right, I apologize. I should have said that I interpreted your comment... You do state clearly what is on your mind (and maybe that's what gets me riled).

[Bill Allen]

My goal of the E&O requirement is to eliminate "part timers" since "Structural Engineering" is a costly line item of practice. No hidden agenda here.


Dennis> What you stated was "Another element I would propose is mandatory E&O insurance (just like the requirements to register a car here). "  It does not matter what you believe your goal is, this approach directly affects any engineer in private practice who does not have or is not able to obtain E&O coverage.

Moonlighters are not necessarily the problem to our competition. After twelve years in private practice I loose very few jobs to moonlighters. In fact, if a client wants to use someone who moonlights it's usually because they don't want to spend the money to be represented during conventional business hours. In this case, I would tend to turn down their business because we can't educate them on the pitfalls of dealing with part time help. They generally end up coming back for help to clean up the mess they got themselves into.

Mandatory insurance coverage never works. For a staunch conservative I am surprised that you would want more controls of our state licensing agency (the Dept of Consumer Affairs) by allowing them to mandate E&O coverage.

I suggest you, too, stick to what you know. Your first suggestion for a mandatory one question test was damn good. Work with that and get off the E&O bandwagon. The mandatory problem will be a great way to weed out the incompetents. Let the clients looking for a bargain deal with moonlighters.