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Re: Survey, final result (Corrected)

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Hi Dennis
The firm I previously worked for( an SE only firm) was sued because the
threshold at the main entrance of a building we had seismically upgraded, was
1/4 inch higher than ADA standards.  Obviously we didn't specify the threshold
but the architect did not have insurance and we did.  We ended up settling for
the cost of defense.
A second lawsuit come from a building which was adjacent to a building my firm
had seismically upgraded.  The claim was that their damage was worse because
our building was seimically upgraded.  Again, no real proof of any wrong doing
ever came out of this, but a settlement was made for the cost of defense.
We also got sued once for an unknown soil condition under an existing
building.  There was a soils engineer on the project.  The owner had refused
to increase the extent of the soil exploration, saying he would wait until
construction started.  The case went to a jury trail, who unanimously judged
us to be not at fault.  Unfortunately our attorney made an error in the
proceedings and the judge though out the verdit.  Again, a settlement was
made, fortunatly for us though the attorney's, who made the error, E&O had to
cover the cost of defense