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Re: Nordic Performance Code

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     Per your request, sorry I don't know the e-mail address.

Enclosed is the contact information for NKB.

Nordic Committee on Building Regulation, NKB Administrative Secretariat
Attention: Helena Vuorelma
P.O. Box 399
Fin-00121 Helsinki

Tel: +358-0626-375
fax  +358-01991-9680

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Subject: That's another week ended.
Author:  MIME:cejn(--nospam--at) at INTERNET
Date:    4/30/98 5:35 PM

Dear Bill, Dennis, Kate and John (C.J.),
Well its another week in the salt mills of Australia.  The wharves are still 
blockaded and the Prime Minister still looks like  twerp.  ( Twerp means a 
small bird sitting uselessly on ground.  Or a Pres with his pants down in 
the Oval Office. -- Honest she's a practicing proctologist.')
It is funny to see the reaction to the Unions blockading the wharves cause 
they lost their jobs most likely illegally.  I wonder how many of the 
whingers have heard of M Gandhi.  The papers are whipping up a storm and the 
police are trying to stop a blood bath.  When does breaking the law become 
civil disobendience (when half the population is on one side and half on the 
I am not surprised that there are too many lawyers in the States and they 
are over represented in Congress.  Is it not true for a lawyer to work 
someone has to do something crooked,  conform with a law or wonder if you 
are conforming.
Ah Catch 22 if you are a lawyer how do you stay in work.  You make new laws, 
easy and as people get used to them you change them.  You close the shop as 
I found out more about Codes and yes they are becoming internationalized.  I 
really would like to know more on hte Nordic Codes if any one has any 
I joked with Bill and was amazed at the response.  Obviously a raw nerve. 
In any change one needs a grandfather clause.  But the practice of 
engineering needs tightening every where.
And Civil and structural should be two separate practices.  (PS I have made 
a living off sewers when there was no other work around.  Dinna knock it 
Most people do not realize that it probably needs tightening more in the 
intraplate areas rather than just the Californias of this world.
I sent my paper to the Cairns conference on Masonry.  And made a panel with 
fireclay instead of cement.  ( Ok stop laughing it is a bit soft but I was 
in a hurry.)  Today I have to wash the clay and sand out and fix it.
And I have absolutely no idea wha the LOL every one is refering to is?
Have a nice weekend
John Nichols.  ( Me I get to go to swimming lessons,  watch Big Dog and Miss 
Kim (She kissed me on the cheek once when I was Santa.)  cook barbie at a 
friends place..  No shrimp only prawns in Australia and probably finish my 
paper for England.)
Thanks for the interesting week.  This list is more fun than Punch and