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RE: Windows 98

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Stan, I too am a "tweaker" who spends much time in the "Registry". First I
would recommend a couple of very good books. The one closest to hand is
"Inside the Registry for Microsoft Windows 95" by Gunter Born and published
by the Microsoft Press. There is another, written by (I believe) the current
editor of Windows Magazine - I'm not sure of the title, but I purchased it
at Crown or Barns and Noble.
Second, both Windows Magazine and PC-World have articles regarding the pros
and cons of Windows 98. Check out their web sites for copies of the latest
articles ( For the most part, if you are running the
service release for the OEM version of Windows with Internet Explorer 4.01,
then you have the majority of the Windows 98 program. The speed gains come
from creating true 32bit partitions which also relinquish a good deal of
your hard drive space. However, the downside is that '98 will take up (if
memory serves me) almost 100 megs of additional hard drive space.
For your present problem, '98 is supposed to have some excellent 'tools' to
identify and correct common problems.
I would suggest that you clean your drive out if you have been running the
beta versions before installing the final version.
One other important note. Windows Mag warns the user from using the
self-running Microsoft Installation Wizard. The warnings are based upon too
many conditions not controlled by Microsoft that can create conflicts,
remove needed drivers from other programs and more.
Check out the above references. I don't care what any one says about their
operating system - none of them are stable and conflicts do exist even with
Apples. The trick is staying on top of your installations so you can track
the conflict and resolve it.
I found that Norton's Utilities (latest version) or Helix's Nuts & Bolts
does a very good job of tracking installations and conflicts.
You might consider keeping multiple copies of your registry - saving them
just prior to any new installations. This could help restore your system
faster in the event of a failed installation.

Hope this helps.

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Subject: Windows 98

If you use a Mac, or Windows NT, or DOS, read no further.  This post is
only for those, like me, who use Windows 95.  I have been a Windows 95
fan since April, 1995, when I crossed my fingers and entered the dicey
world of an OS beta tester.  For the most part, my marriage to Windows
95 has been pleasant and productive.  The exception is the last two
weeks, while I have been living in a dangerous neighborhood called the
Registry.  I seems that my Registry mysteriously became corrupted, and
two subsequent reinstallations of Windows 95 have only partially solved
the problem.  My Windows 95 OS now runs, but is left with all sorts of
inexplicable quirks, and clearly appears to be "living on borrowed

I never thought that I would ever agree to beta test another operating
system, but now I am seriously considering doing just that.  About a
month ago, a surprise package showed up on my doorstep.  It was from the
good folks at Microsoft, and included a Windows 98 CD (RC-1, Build
1721.3, 4/1/98).  In subsequent visits to the Winbeta website, I have
determined that RC-4 is now available, and has been deemed to be "as
good as final".  In other words, Windows 98 will be released to
manufacturing within the next few days.  From reading available online
and printed literature, it appears that Windows 98 might clean-up and
speed-up my system.

Do any of you have first hand experience with Windows 98 yet?   What
land mines am I about to  step on?  What applications will cease to run?
 Should I wait for the shrink-wrapped version?  Should I forget the
whole thing, and start over with FDISK and Windows 95?

Any and all constructive comments will be appreciated.  If you don't
want to post your thoughts, just send them to my personal address.

Thank you,

Stan R. Caldwell, P.E.
Dallas, Texas

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