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Re: Windows 98

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I'm sure your meant that the OSR2 version of Windows95 (affectionately known
as Win95B) *frees* a good deal of hard drive space. This is due to the fact
that Win95B formats the HDD in 4kb clusters (instead of 16kb or 32kb
clusters) essentially regardless of the size of the HDD. You do have to
reformat your HDD to use this feature, but I found it to be very valuable in
preserving HDD space. Strangely enough, I believe this feature does not
exist with NT4 and will not be a feature in NT5.

On another note, a salesman told me over the weekend that Win95 will not use
more than 64 mb of ram even if more is installed. I would be interested in
anyone who can confirm or deny this. I am planning to upgrade to 128 mb but
I don't want to waste my money :o).


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>The speed gains come
>from creating true 32bit partitions which also relinquish a good deal of
>your hard drive space.