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Re: Windows 98

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I'm still confused. The cluster size is "constant" in Win95. The problem is
that, in Win95, only one file can be in a cluster. So, if the cluster size
is 16kb or 32kb, a 2kb file actually takes up 16kb or 32kb (depending on the
cluster size). A 40kb file takes up 48kb or 32kb (again, depending on the
cluster size). Prior to Win95B, you had to partition large drives to get
down to 16kb clusters, otherwise you automatically had 32kb clusters.

Is your point that, by using the NTFS, you can put more than one file in a

What about if you only "upgrade" to NT and your HDD was formatted under
Win95A or earlier?

I have NT4.0 on the shelf, but I haven't installed it since I saw more
problems (device drivers, etc.) than it was worth.

Bill Allen

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>So, Bill, are you saying that with NTFS, that a 2kb file doesn't take up 16
>or 32kb space on a HDD?
>[Bill Polhemus]
>That's correct.  The cluster size is constant.